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Consie’s books and publications

Old Woman Winter

written by Mary Bevis

Raven Productions, Inc.

Winter is near, but as Old Woman Winter and her husband look out of their cottage in the clouds, the landscape below is gloomy and gray. It's time to whip up a recipe of snowflakes and add a hearty serviing of hoar frost to brighten up the landscape! After sifting and stirring and chilling and shaping, the Winters pour a huge batch of snowflakes onto the earth, then sweep the clouds away so the moonlight reveals the magic of the first snow.

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Alphabetically Bodacious Canines: Healthy Newfs from A to Z

Newfoundland Club of America

This collection of alphabet letters celebrates happy, healthy dogs doing all the kinds of things that dogs like to do with, or withouth, their people. 100% of the profits from the sale of this books goes towards canine health research funded by the Newfoundland Club of America.

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Peregrine's Sky

Western National Parks Association

High on a cliff ledge, a pair of Peregrine Falcons incubate their eggs. Observe as the tiny hatchlings eat, grow, and watch their parents winging in the sky. The youngsters long to fly, and with strength and practice, soon they, too, take to the air. But will they learn to catch their own food?

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Wolf Song

written by Mary Bevis

Raven Productions, Inc.

All summer Nell has been looking forward to an evening of howling for wolves with Uncle Walter. Now that the time is here, she's a little anxious. But the evening unfolds with wonderful satisfaction as Nell learns to howl "like one of the pack." The illustrations on each spread tell two stories: that of Nell and Uncle Walter, and that of a wolf pack at its August rendevous site.

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A Day in the Salt Marsh

written by Kevin Kurtz

Sylvan Dell Publishing

Enjoy a day in one of the most dynamic habitats on earth: the salt marsh. Rhyming verse introduces readers to hourly changes in the marsh as the tide comes and goes. Watch the animals that have adapted to this every-changing environment as they hunt for food or play in the sun, and get to know the amazing variety of plants that have adapted to this amazing environment.

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Baby Bear Isn’t Hungry

written by Michael Elsohn Ross

Yosemite Association

Baby Bear, a very curious cub, is eagerly exploring her world. When she suddenly finds herself in unfamiliar territory, she climbs a tree and starts to cry. Everything works out fine when mama bear arrives and leads baby bear back to comfort and safety.

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Leave Only  Ripples book cover

Leave Only Ripples: A Canoe Country Sketchbook

Raven Productions, Inc.

A family canoe trip into the Border Country lakes of northern Minnesota and western Ontario is vividly depicted with woodblocks, sketches and prose. Each page presents a new aspect of the Canoe Country’s human and natural history, blended with a typical summer day of paddling, portaging, and camping.

Winner of the 2006 Sigurd Olson Nature Writting Award for Children's Literature, included on the 2005 John Burroughs List of Nature Books for Young Readers

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The First Day of Winter

Albert Whitman & Company

Bundle up and don’t forget your hats! Winter in the woods is a time for outdoor fun—and exploration, too. The woods are alive with animals—fox, red squirrel, hare—who find a way to survive this coldest season.

Exuberant verse and crisp paintings pay tribute to winter, which is surprisingly bursting with life. This story is also a counting book, and a section in the back includes additional information about the animals discovered each day.

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Amazing Apples

Albert Whitman & Company

Acrostic poems made from apple-themed words lead readers through the growing season—from early spring buds to apple-picking time to naked tree branches resting in winter. Illustrated with hand-colored woodblock prints, Amazing Apples also includes some apple history as well as ideas about what to do with apples. Children will enjoy the flavor-filled poems that celebrate this popular fruit.

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Old Dog Cora and the Christmas Tree

Raven Productions, Inc.

Christmas is coming, and it’s time for the family to head into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree. Cora, a Newfoundland dog, is ready to wear her old red harness so she can haul the tree home as she’s done every year. But Mom and Dad think Cora’s too old, and only Minx and Ebony, Cora’s daughter and granddaughter, are fitted with their harnesses.

Luckily, young Susan suggests Cora still come along even if she can’t haul. After the family finds the tree and cuts it down, Cora is ready to get to work. But something’s wrong; they’re starting without her! Cora doesn’t understand, but she’s determined to take the lead and bring the tree home.

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A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators

Raven Productions, Inc.

Forget “H is for Horse” or “R is for Rabbit.” In this colorful book of ABCs, H stands for hawk and R is for ringtail. The animals in this book aren’t just any animals. Each letter of the alphabet refers to a predator, and large, simple text describes the animal, how it hunts, and the animals on which it preys. Life-like illustrations show predators in their natural settings, and colorful border drawings depict the prey species in their habitat as well.

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Who Lives in the Snow?

written by Jennifer Berry Jones | Roberts Rinehart Publishers

Although on the surface the snow looks quiet and serene, life down under is anything but: mites search for small insects, spiders prey on springtails, the unsociable shrew hunts for spiders and beetles, the vole builds tunnels through the snow, and the chipmunk, waking in its winter bed deep in the ground, nibbles on seeds it has stored under its mattress of leaves. In the meadow, the red fox hunts for breakfast as it trots across the icy crust of the snow.

Carefully researched, Who Lives in the Snow describes these remarkable creatures who survive and often flourish in their dark winter world.

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Illustrations, design, editing and occasional writing

“North Carolina WILD Notebook", a monthly 4-page, full-color section for young readers in Wildlife in North Carolina magazine

Select publications, illustrated:

  • The Fisher, by R.A. Powell, University of Minnesota Press, 1982, Second Edition, 1993
  • Martens, Sables, and Fishers: Biology and Conservation, edited by S.W. Buskirk, A.S. Harestad, M.G. Raphael, and R.A. Powell, Cornell University Press, 1994. Frontispiece illustration.
  • Ecology and Behaviour of the North American Black Bear: Home Ranges, Habitat, and Social Organization, by R.A. Powell, J.W. Zimmerman, and D.E. Seaman. Chapman and Hall, London, 1997.
  • Mammals of North America by Roland W. Kays and Don E. Wilson, Princeton University Press, 2002. (illustrated all the terrestrial carnivores)
  • The Natural History of Weasels and Stoats: Ecology, Behavior, and Management, 2nd edition, by Carolyn M. King and Roger A. Powell, Oxford University Press, 2006.



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